Tuesday, December 21, 2010


I had a bad, sad day yesterday and I decided that my mood might improve if I got more sleep. “I think I’ve been getting up too early,” I said. “I’m going to resolve not to get up before 6 o clock.”

So there I was this morning, dying for a pee from 5.25 onwards, and not wanting to get out of bed because it was cold. I stayed under the covers and opened my book (Try Anything Twice by Jan Struther.) Three pages later Dave (who had been up since 4) came in and said he was going to drive up Longstone Edge and watch the lunar eclipse. “It’s the first one on the winter solstice since 1638!” he said, with the same unbridled excitement and enthusiasm as if he was Sol in But I told you last year that I loved you.

How could I not go with him?  Pah to resolutions about staying in bed.

I took the camera, but forgot the zoom that Isaac gave me (I was barely awake.) We watched the earth’s shadow move over the moon and it filled me with awe. I took 47 photographs, and none of the big ones worked. Now I have another resolution - to learn how to use this camera properly. This picture is NOT one that I took this morning.

Dave was standing looking through the bins when a friendly farmer drove up and asked what he was up to. “Are you from Longstone?” he said. “Yes,” said Dave. “Are you the vicar?” said the farmer.

When he had driven off, we laughed. “Why would he think I was the vicar?” said Dave.

“Because only a vicar would be daft enough to be standing in the freezing cold before dawn, staring at the moon?” I said.

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Anonymous said...

Does he habitually look through bins? It's a wonder the farmer didn't think he was a tramp.