Sunday, December 19, 2010

No complaints

Dec 10 060

Dave and I woke up at five. He got up. I snuggled under the duvet. Five minutes later he was standing over me saying “We have a power cut. It went off at ten past ten last night. You might as well stay in bed.” He went off to light the fire and get the paraffin lamps. I got up and heated the water for my tea in a pan on the top of the stove. (The paraffin lamp is there merely to show you the lip of the pan.) Now I am back in bed telling you, feeling smug that I have a laptop. Dave has always insisted that his desktop is superior.

I feel very lucky to have a cautious, resourceful husband

1/ who decided to purchase paraffin lamps for the 2K meltdown. (We still have the emergency baked beans in the shed from same.)

2/ who fitted a log burning stove in our sitting room

3/ who doesn’t complain in such situations but says “Well, this is interesting. If I stand the torch on the glass topped table pointing downwards, I can lie of the floor and read.”

I am slightly miffed, though, that I can’t post this right now, because - of course - our router is down. That will teach me not to be smug.

Update: we have one socket from a lead from next door, and the men are digging up the road to fix the fault. Let’s hope they get it done before dark.

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