Sunday, January 23, 2011

Who is the man…?

…of whom my friend Mary said:
“I can’t hear what he says any more, because every time I see him on the telly I just want to smack him.”
and of whom Philippe Sands QC (professor of law, University College London, and a barrister at Matrix Chambers) said:
“[he] took an early decision to support President Bush in the quest to remove Saddam, assured him repeatedly of his unequivocal statement of support, ignored the law, and deprived the cabinet and parliament of key information.In short, [he] managed to skilfully lead the entire machinery of government - attorney general, cabinet, parliament - into a place from which British involvement in the war became inevitable. [He} has paid a big price for delivering his commitment to President Bush: his legacy is an unlawful and disastrous conflict that continues to cause misery and claim lives, shredding public trust in government, diminishing Britain’s role in the world, and undermining the rule of law. To the Chilcot inquiry falls the task of picking up the pieces.” from The Guardian, 22 Jan 2011.
The man’s name has been removed, as I won’t have it on my blog.

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