Monday, March 21, 2011

Huge excitement!

My book arrived on Saturday. That is, the first approval copy of the pre-release books arrived on Saturday. What can I say? It was magic.

Yes, there are some problems: the printer forgot that I wanted a matt cover, and sent me gloss. And – mea culpa - since I last looked at the typescript, a gremlin appears to have been at work and omitted a couple of words, left in a sentence I didn’t want, shifted a line or two away from the margin. Isn’t it odd that you can go through something three zillion times, and mistakes will still elude your eye?

Oh well, it is an approval copy. And even with a shiny cover, the design is FAB. So I am not dismayed. Onward and upward. Maybe this time next week I will have the perfect version in my hot little hands.

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