Wednesday, July 13, 2011

In praise of 7 year olds

It was Tate’s birthday yesterday and when I rang him in the morning and when I saw him in the afternoon, he told me joyfully that he’d been given some wine gums and a ten pound note. He loved his other presents – one of which was a pocket digital camera – but oh the joy he got from the wine gums and the ten pound note!
He is a beautiful sunny boy,  thoughtful and sensitive, enthusiastic and affectionate, and I told him there was no-one else like him in the world.
“But there might be,” he said.
“No, Tate. There’s no-one like you.”
There might be someone like me.” He paused for thought. “But they probably wouldn’t have a ten pound note.”


galant said...

What a truly delightful boy. I take he is your grandson, as Lux is your granddaughter? And to get such joy from such simple things is a gift, is it not? You can't learn to appreciate small things; you either do or you don't. He does. A great guy!
Margaret P

Sue Hepworth said...

Yes, Margaret, he's a great guy, and yes, I'm proud to say he's my grandson.