Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Excellent Service

One week today I will see this:

oct07 112

And more importantly, this little person:

Sept 10th 2011

and this person:

isaac and lux may 2011

and this person:


Excitement does not cover it.

I have

  • collected an extra suitcase from Zoe
  • bought my dollars
  • registered on the ESTA immigration website and paid 14$ for the privilege(what a cheek!)
  • started putting clean washing in the spare room to pack later
  • begun my to-do list of things to do before I go.

And, with an eye to my last post….

I shall NOT be

going in a pub on a Sunday evening in the Lake District with Dave and two friends and sitting down to eat and three of us ordering a meal from the menu and one of us asking for a cheese sandwich and being told that the chef does not make sandwiches in the evening.

I MAY be

walking into a smart restaurant (with a view of the Bay) on a Sunday at 2.15  p.m. and asking for lunch and being welcomed warmly and handed menus and one of us asking for a coffee while we order, and being told “Of course” and then when we are served and we thank the waiter, being told “You’re welcome” and NOT as happens over here being told ”No problem” as if it might be a problem serving a customer.

Hooray for American customer service! Hooray for California! Bring it on!


galant said...

I hope you have a lovely time. Are you both going, or just yourself? Talking of meals, am I the only person who thinks that a pot of tea for two plus a SHARED toasted tea cake with butter and jam a tad expensive at £8.25? Not even a speciality tea, just nicely served loose tea in a pot, but a pot for two and a shared teacake ... £8.25 I repeat. Or maybe that's the going rate throughout the country now!
Margaret P

Jean said...

Totally agree....I am in awe of American customer service, politeness and genuine interest.
$14 for the ESTA form does not seem such a bad deal after hearing that English 'Package Deal' companies are charging 28 pounds per person for the company to fill in the form on line whilst asking you the questions ..........and I wonder if they tell people that it lasts for two years ....
Enjoy every minute of your stay and that darling little girl.

Sue Hepworth said...

Thanks for telling me it lasts two years, Jean. I didn't know.
Thanks to both you and Margaret, for your good wishes.
And I agree, Margaret, that £8.25 is a mad price - you need to come up north. You wouldn't pay that up here.