Thursday, September 22, 2011


This is my fifth visit to San Francisco, and I've always denied seeing fog. But that was then - when Isaac and family lived in The Mission, a district that doesn't see fog. Now they live on Bernal Hill, I am always at their sitting room window gazing out at the long wide view, saying "Look at the fog, creeping in from the coast. Look at it - it's sinister!" and they laugh at me, poor wee innocent that I am. It can be a baking hot day and then at 4 o clock, I see it swirl in from the Golden Gate and cover areas of the city not protected by the contours of the landscape, like the Mission is.
So OK. I have seen the fog. And now I learn it has it's very own Twitter account - @KarlTheFog. This week it tweeted: "Back early from vacation. I'm as happy about this as you are."


Anonymous said...

Have your family take you to Crissy Field just before the fog comes in and watch the Golden Gate Bridge disappear. Wonderful photo opportunity. Bridge, half a bridge, no bridge. It's beautiful and awesome.

Also, Point Bonita Lighthouse has jaw dropping views. Apparently you can't get to the lighthouse right now as they are working on the suspension bridge (which is quite exciting to walk across) and it's only open weekends, 1230 - 1530, but the views are worth the trip. In the Marin Headlands.

How to Retire Happy, Wild and Free is one of my favorite books. City Lights Bookstore has never had anything I was looking for either, so don't feel alone! Book Passage has a store in the Ferry Building. When I think about it, book stores are starting to get a bit rare even in San Francisco. I loved Stacey's, but they closed a couple years ago. Your family may remember it.

Happy traveling!

Sue Hepworth said...

Hi there, anonymous. Thanks for the suggestions for memorable views. I'll follow them up.