Friday, November 04, 2011

Losing it

You may recall this phone conversation I reported in my blog in January this year -

“Hey, Zoe, I read in the Guardian on Saturday that if you learn a musical instrument when you’re an adult, you grow more neurones and expand your brain. Isn’t that great? Now I’m learning the sax, I don’t have to worry about Alzheimers any more.”

Zoe: “You told me the same thing yesterday.”

In the last week I have twice left the hot tap running and forgotten about it, lost my handbag in the house and found it in a very strange place I can’t fathom the reason for, and I’ve been unable to find a perfectly ordinary word I needed, not in a game of Scrabble but in conversation – limits? boundaries? rules? framework? – No! Parameters! – that was the word I was looking for.

It’s becoming urgent. What do I do to stop my brain from deteriorating even further?

I have started to do the Sudoku in the paper again and I have taken up online Scrabble to boost the already sizable Scrabble portion of my life. Does anyone have any other suggestions?


Thea said...

(Try to) remember that you're not alone. It's the only solace!

This week, some small gadgety things - actually guitar jacks - started arriving from Amazon in padded envelopes, without any documentation to indicate the sender.

'What are they, who's sent them, how does anyone have my data, and What Do They Mean??'

Only when the fourth one arrived (and my husband suggested it might work with our electronic piano) did I remember!

Yes, only two weeks before, I had quite consciously agreed to forward some guitar bits to my nephew in Dubai.

Instead, he will have questions to answer from Amazon - who have been definitively told that positively no-one would ever send me guitar jacks as a gift.

Sue Hepworth said...

Hi Thea, I laughed out loud in recognition at your story! Similar things happen to me: just read my blog post for March 10 2010 in the archives down the side of my blog. I realise now that this problem has been going on for some time.