Monday, December 12, 2011

My Christmas appeal

If you enjoy reading my blog, perhaps you’d like to respond to my Christmas appeal.

On Christmas Eve three years ago, Mona ElFarra, a Palestinian doctor, wrote on her blog – From Gaza, with Love – the following:

…. the living conditions of the Palestinian children in Gaza, where children have no clean water, no bread, no safe homes, no safe schools, no safe playgrounds, no safe environment, no proper housing conditions, not enough medications, no electricity, no cooking gas and no entertainment facilities…while all the borders are strictly closed and nobody can get out no matter how great their need or wish.
While you are celebrating the Christmas and the New Year, think of Gaza children, think of the world as one family looking for peace and justice, looking for stability and happiness for all
I love you all
And again merry Xmas and happy New Year
Mona ElFarra

Just five days later she was blogging about the intense bombing campaign that Israel had started on Gaza, and I was blogging this (follow the link.) I blogged about Gaza for a month, until the bombing stopped.

Amongst other bombs, the Israeli army dropped white phosphorus, flachette bombs and DIME bombs in Gaza. It is illegal to use these weapons in civilian areas, but the Israeli army did it anyway.

The young children in the occupied Palestinian territory have had to live through horrendous atrocities: air strikes and rocket attacks by the Israeli military, death and destruction on an unimaginable scale and grinding poverty caused by decades of military occupation.

Many children in Gaza are deeply scarred by what they have witnessed. They are frightened, confused and angry and many still suffer from flashbacks, nightmares, bedwetting, sleep disorders and depression.

The British, non-governmental charity which has no agenda of violence – Medical Aid for Palestinians – is working to help these damaged children. To help children cope with trauma, MAP provides a programme of specialist care. They give children the time, attention, support and professional care that helps them to recover and begin to enjoy their lives, to be children again.They have helped many children so far - but there are still more who need our help. MAP's programmes save and improve the quality of lives in many ways - but none is more important than giving scared children the chance to just be children. Imagine if we could help more children who are hoping that someone will listen, giving them the space and time to find their feet again.

 Click here to make a donation today.

Click here to see MAP's programme in action.

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