Monday, January 30, 2012

Back to real life

Jan 2012 Lux 065

She’s gone. They’ve gone. As I write this, they are flying Virgin Atlantic back to San Francisco. The last week was very special, even though Lux couldn’t settle into our UK time zone and was awake and playing for several hours in the middle of every night. We stumbled around in various states of sleeplessness and tiredness and (for my part) bliss, and even though she already has her own Twitter account - @thebeean – Isaac felt she needed another one for her alter ego - @jetlagtoddler – so she tweeted under that name, these last few days…


i am on my very own timezone, people.




running round the house giggling at 2.24am is the best therapy.

and this is me…


current status: have captured @jetlagtoddler and she's asleep in my bed. Greenwich Mean Time: 06.05. Jetlagtoddler Standard Time: who knows?

at endcliffe park

Now it’s back to real life: writing fiction.

And also an announcement about the planned publication next year of the sequel to Plotting for Beginners.

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