Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Why Frances Suskind* and I like Jon Snow

Every night at tea-time I get an email from Channel 4 News telling me what’s coming up on the programme at 7 p.m. The email is called Snowmail. Sometimes Jon Snow writes it, sometimes he doesn’t.

Last night he had a para on the Republican candidates at the Iowa caucus. This is it (the italics are mine):

Mitt Romney ahead as New Hampshire votes

From the amazing events of the Iowa caucus in which one of the most extreme Republican candidates trying for the presidency came within a whisper of winning, Matt Frei tonight emerges in New Hampshire. The next, and some believe, the more real test of the primary season for the Republicans. Frontrunner Mitt Romney has dropped a few clangers. Will they matter? And who from the clutch of god-botherers, gay-haters, Iran-bombers and the rest will emerge as the tribune of the far right in the Republican party?
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*Frances Suskind is one of the two main characters in But I told you last year that I loved you.

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