Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Laughter is the best medicine

Even novelists have half term hols – well, the ones who live at Hepworth Towers do.
Yesterday I spent the day on the floor with my grandsons playing with Castle Lego. This involved a lot of laughs and imagination. Unlike me, Tate and Gil use Space Lego accessories when they’re building their castle so they had a laser system to scan the brain of approaching people (i.e. my people)  to see if they were goodies or baddies, a parrot (from Pirate Lego) who hypnotised opponents so they became friends,  and a shark (from Pirate Lego) as an aid in their jousting matches. Somehow or other my castle always gets plundered and I am bested in every way possible.
This is the high-tech control centre for their castle, below. Their castle is in another location – i.e. the floor. Me? I just had a castle. Is it any wonder they always get the better of me?

In the evening I had tea (supper to those of you who live in the south) with a group of friends I see once a month. This  involved a lot of laughs and a lot of talk. Topics covered included The Artist and whether it’s been over-hyped; why people love their children and their grandchildren, and if the feelings we have for them are different; whether the University of the Third Age (U3A) would be snooty about having an astrology group; Zen Buddhism; Coronation Street; primal painting; predicting the future; and whether it is true that you can’t help loving someone if you know their story. 
I’m working (if you can call writing a comic novel “working”) today and tomorrow, but on Thursday I am going to London to see Hockney with a  bunch of my siblings (woo-hoo!) so I am taking the rest of the week off from the blog. See you next week.

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