Friday, March 16, 2012

Book titles

oh dear oh dear oh dear – it doesn’t suit me being busy. I want to be sitting in bed all morning with my laptop writing the next 10,000 words of the new book – which, incidentally, still has no title.When are we going to find the right one?

If an author is a bestseller writer, the title and the cover are pretty much irrelevant. Eager readers will leap on the latest book with enthusiasm, whatever.

Jane and I are not bestseller writers (yet) so we need to get a title which grabs the reader and INSISTS they read the book.

Ones that attract me are quirky, intriguing, and/or which contain a personal pronoun.  So, for example, I found Charlotte Mendelson’s title When We Were Bad, irresistible. The book had good reviews, so I bought it. I wasn’t disappointed: I loved it.  What kinds of titles attract you when you see them in a bookshop, when they are not on the books of authors you know you like?

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