Saturday, April 07, 2012

West Coast trivia

I've been away. I've been away from away. I went to Redwood City to stay with the Aging Hippie, and I've come back to the city to have a rest. She has so much energy, that woman - she ran me ragged!

I had a great time, and saw something of life in what she calls the "suburbs." To me it looked like the American Dream - wide leafy streets, immaculate front gardens, non-stop sunshine. I did lots of things I've head about and never done, things that make up everyday life for a lot of people, things that Anne Tyler mentions in her books, and the Aging Hippie drops into her emails, and I'm not exactly sure what they mean.

1/ I went to a thrift store and bought a beautiful cashmere jumper for only $5. The thrift store was a huge charity shop the size of a small supermarket.
2/ I went to a garage sale and ogled a 1930s handmade quilt, but didn't buy it because it was $65. (It was an upmarket sale - actually, an 'estate sale' and the prices were upmarket too.) There was a sofa I liked but I couldn't persuade the Aging Hippie to buy it.
3/ I went to a line dancing class, which I loved. Once you know the steps of a particular dance, it's a bit like a meditation.
4/ I went out for maragaritas. (Oops, no change there. I do that in San Francisco. But it was a relief to get them in as they were the first I've had this trip, and my crime writer friend back home, Chrissie Poulson, wanted me to have one for her.)
5/ I heard a screen door slam. You know that line in Joni Mitchell's Big Yellow taxi - Late last night, I heard the screen door slam?
6/ I had an American scone, which was very cakey and very buttery and very rich, and not at all like an English scone, which probably explains why the Aging Hippie wasn't much taken with our scones when she came to visit last year.
I did other things too, such as go on two long walks, and visit a photography exhibition at the Stanford University Art Gallery. All of this was packed into two days, so you can see what I mean about the AH being energetic. There was some down time for slugs like me, involving sitting, talking and sunshine. It was a wonderful 48 hours - thank you, AH.

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