Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The Monsal Trail

May 2012 trent and mersey canal 235

We are so, so lucky to live half a mile from the Monsal Trail – a disused railway line that is now a bridleway. It goes through beautiful limestone country and because it’s so high, there are fabulous views.

On a warm, clear day it’s a real treat to cycle up it at eight in the morning, before it gets busy, or at teatime, when all the tourists have gone. I usually stop between Cressbrook Tunnel and Litton Tunnel, where there is no view of houses, or civilisation, and no sound but birdsong. I sit on the cliff edge and look at the river below, and listen to the birds, and think about the day – to come, or just past – and about all my family, and all my other concerns. Then I cycle home feeling better.

The last two times I’ve been, someone has left litter and I’ve brought it back to chuck in the bin. I’m always puzzled as to how someone who has the sensibility to choose to walk or cycle miles up a trail in the countryside, can also think it OK to leave their litter there. Last time it was a plastic carton  - an Asda Spicy Chicken Pot. Oh my God.

You see that viaduct in the picture below? The Monsal Trail goes along that. Impressive, eh?

Monsal Dale

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