Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Sally Howe/Sue Hepworth crossover


Sometimes people ask me if Sally Howe (in Plotting for Beginners) is me. The answer is “no” but nevertheless, some of the things that happen to Sally have happened to me. And some of her opinions are the same as mine. Some of them.

And I have a feeling that in the sequel to Plotting (that I am writing with Jane, and which is on the verge of actually having a title) Sally is going to mock the sleeveless trench that appears in her latest copy of the Pure catalogue.

A sleeveless trench? Give me strength. The catalogue says - “it is a real statement piece…” Too right. It states: “If you’re wearing this, you’re a bozo.” Don’t they realise that rain falls on your arms as well as your body?

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