Thursday, June 14, 2012

Frankenstein’s monster

I’ve just been chatting with Isaac, 5,000 miles away, and he told me the name of the new baby, and I asked if it was bloggable, and he said they had not announced it yet. “And,” he said, “you broke the news of the baby’s sex yesterday.” I did. It’s true – on here, my blog, and also in a tweet.

I apologised profusely. I didn’t know it wasn’t in the public arena. So with the name, I have been instructed not to blog or tweet about it, yet. I am genuinely sorry I broke his embargo (unwittingly) but at the same time it is rather amusing that the grey-haired mother of a Twitter employee has gone live in the cybersphere with information before said Twitter employee. Think of all that time he wanted me to go on email, then get broadband, then get a blog, then start tweeting, and now he is having to rein me in.

But I can show some photos, as they are on his Flickr account and so are up for grabs.

@thebeean meets @thesprouut

bean meets sprout

Three Hepworth girls:

thrfee hepworth girls

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