Tuesday, July 17, 2012


Lacklustre – that’s what I am.

I just read through my blog posts from a year ago (for inspiration) at the time when I was bringing out BUT I TOLD YOU LAST YEAR THAT I LOVED YOU,  and I can’t believe how much I did, nor can I imagine where I got the energy from. This month I am wiped out. The new novel – PLOTTING FOR GROWN-UPS -  is progressing just fine, but I don’t have any oomph left for anything else.

For the last three weeks I have been picking strawberries every day (13 Kilos in all, with 2 other kilos lost to slugs). Yesterday I went up the garden to check the blackcurrants and my heart sank.  They are ripe and need picking; and if I tell you we made more than 60 jars of jam last year, it will give you an inkling of how many blackcurrants there are. I gave away two bushes last year. I have five now. I must give away another two. You wouldn’t believe how bloody fecund these blackcurrants are. (Sorry about the language – that was a bit of Sally Howe coming out – heroine of PLOTTING FOR BEGINNERS and PLOTTING FOR GROWN-UPS.)

I am going to keep my daily aspirations modest. Today I am going to have a sax lesson, pick a few blackcurrants while I mull over the current plotting problems in PLOTTING FOR GROWN-UPS ( oh, the irony), and book my September ticket to San Francisco to see this person…

glamour girl 2012

and this person…

lux july 2012

OK, those last two were the same person;

and these people…


and this person…

Isaac in Isaac and Wendy and Lux

Aren’t I lucky?

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