Monday, August 06, 2012

Saga louts

As I’ve said before, the trouble with blogging when you’re a writer is you’re in danger of wasting copy on your blog which you should be saving for your books. But I’ve just made an executive decision not to care. I mean – I could be dead before the next book comes out, and if I haven’t blogged about whatever it is, then the copy is wasted anyway.

And now, with that big lead up, you’ll be thinking “What the hell was she going on about? What she said wasn’t even a little bit funny.”

I went on the train to see Jen. I’d booked a seat in a quiet coach, as I find other people’s loud conversations annoying: I have to listen because I’m a nosy writer, and this makes it impossible to concentrate on my writing or my reading.

I was sitting next to a woman of about my age and we started to chat (quietly) about how uncomfortable the seats were and how odd this was, when it appeared to be a brand new train. (If you work for Cross Country Trains and you approved the design and you’re reading this – What were you thinking?) And then she opened her ebook reader and I wanted to ask her about it and if she liked it, etc, etc. and we got onto books and I confessed that I was a writer, and our conversation became more and more animated, and there was a lot of laughing going on and the next think that happened was the conductor coming down the corridor and saying “I don’t like to sound like a librarian, but this is supposed to be a quiet coach.” So then we laughed even more – but quietly. “Fancy being told off on a train at our age,” said my new friend. “Yes,” I said, “and we’re not even drunk.” More giggles.

I am really sorry I never asked my friend her name – so if you’re reading this, fellow giggler, please let me know what it is. And thanks for making the journey such fun, and taking my mind off those appalling seats. 

I had a lovely time with Jen. We drove out past Stone Henge to Wells and then stayed the night in a country house hotel. You may have seen this photo of us before, but Jen will only allow a few photographs of her into the public arena. This one has been approved (though I have to say, I wish she’d approved one where I was looking better, and rather less windblown, and not so chubby, and...)

Wensleydale Aug 2009 075


Liz from Kentucky said...

Your train ride reminds me of a journey made 13 years ago by my younger sister ,a cousin and me,for my older sister's funeral in Paris. A bus from Windermere to London and on to the Eurostar.The coach was empty apart from the three of us and a middle aged man. I sat behind my sister with my cousin opposite. We were talking when the man stood up and loudly TOLD us to be quiet or sit together ,as he was trying to sleep.Actually he was playing with his phone. We thought the whole thing was so ridiculous ,so I started passing notes which made the situation worse as we couldn't stop laughing. Yes we were going to a funeral,but it relieved the tension.

Sue Hepworth said...

It's nice to hear from you, Liz. It's really interesting to me that there is frequently hilarity at or around funerals. I think it is something to do with breaking the tension, which is healthy and helpful.

galant said...

Loved that story of being told to be quiet! Oh, what larks!
Margaret P