Friday, August 10, 2012

That one particular book

You know when you’re reading a book you’re really enjoying, and you’re getting near the end and you can’t bear the thought of leaving the characters behind, and you start to ration the remaining pages and read just a few at a time? That’s where I am with writing PLOTTING FOR GROWN-UPS. Jane and I are into the home straight and I’m starting to get a bit panicky and last night was flailing around for scenarios for a further sequel when this one’s done. We have an editorial meeting today so I’m sure Jane will calm me down. She’s the sensible one in this writing duo.

Yesterday was so sunny and still and after I’d finished writing, cycling, practising my sax and gardening I felt like sitting in the steamer chair and reading something quiet and familiar and funny. I felt like reading The Diary of a Provincial Lady, but couldn’t find it anywhere, and then remembered I’d lent it to a friend who was convalescing. Do you ever get into the mood where there is just one particular book that you want to read?

I searched the bookshelves for something else and chose Larry’s Party by Carole Shields and a Natalie Goldberg creative writing book, Old Friend from Far Away. I dipped into the Shields and thought – oh yes, this will do. Then I opened Natalie G and started reading and immediately I wanted to write. That’s how she gets me. She is the one who got me started so many years ago. Her Writing Down the Bones was an inspiration, a guide and an encouragement.

This is where I wanted to put a picture of the cat asleep in my steamer chair but I have wasted ten minutes looking for it and can’t find it and want my breakfast, so instead here’s my favourite photo of the old bridge at Bakewell (my nearest town.) It’s around 700 years old.

bridge at bakewell

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