Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Waking up

When I wake up in the morning, Dave is long gone. I get up for my first mug of tea around six and he gets up hours before that. This morning I was lying there marvelling at the novelty of a bright sky after so many days of heavy cloud, and I missed my sibs. When we used to stay together at my mother’s house during the two years after she died, we’d make tea first thing in the morning and then get back into bed and sit and look at Wensleydale through the bedroom window, and chat. This was the view.

Kevock Nov 08 045

It felt very friendly.

I am so, so lucky to have a bunch of sibs I like. They’re like a net of love, stretching back into the past, stretching out into the future, and here in the present as company, sympathy and support. They know who I am, and they like me anyway.

Here are three of them with one of my sisters-in-law.

Jonty's kitchen


Anonymous said...

Hi Sue,

I just wanted to let you know what a marvelous photo that is of your siblings (tagged: Jonty's kitchen).

I love the way the viewers attention is drawn around the room by everyone looking at each other and your sister looking at the you taking the photo.

The lighting reminded me of the old dutch masters and apparently the term for it is 'Chiaroscuro' according to Wikipedia.

All that's missing is a hint of a reflection of you in a mirror taking the photograph! Was it posed by the way?

Oh and I did enjoy reading the rest of your books - looking forward to the next.


Sue Hepworth said...

So pleased you liked the books, Chris. And thanks for the comps on the photo. It wasn't posed. They were talking, and I was leaning against Jonty's Rayburn, warming my bum. And it did occur to me that it was like a Dutch interior when I took it - I'm glad you think so too.