Wednesday, October 24, 2012

My list

I have been lying in bed on this dark autumn morning, racking my brains for something to blog about.  My head is full of the final stretch of PLOTTING FOR GROWN-UPS, which I am about to write, and there’s no space for anything else.

In lieu of anything interesting, here is my to-do list

1/ work out the sequence of events in the critical climax scene

2/ write said scene

3/ bring the SAD light down from the attic. We change the clocks at the weekend, and anyway the days are already only about 10 hours long and I need to fend off winter blues

4/ tidy the “stationery” shelves in the corner of my study and throw away as much detritus as I can. If a feng shui expert saw it as the mo it would give them palpitations

5/ agree a cause of death for Juliet (dead character in PfG) – Jane fancies viral pneumonia but I favour e coli

6/ bring all the geraniums into the house for over-wintering

7/ practise my sax

8/ bring in the slackline for the winter (if the sun shines, I should be gardening not playing)

9/ persuade Dave that no matter how much he likes it, his scooter does not live in the sitting room (where he put it one day, when I was out)

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