Thursday, November 15, 2012

This last week

OK. Here is the problem: do I write a sunny-side-up blog post about the beauty of the autumn leaves, or do I tell you how I really feel?
This last week has been tough. Partly, it’s been tough because I have this chronic sinus problem that’s been hanging around on and off since last Christmas, and this week it’s been ON and I’ve felt crap.
Then Jane and I had a wobble over the book. This is now happily resolved and it’s all systems go.
Then there’s the news: everywhere you look, it’s bad. Sometimes I despair of the corruption in public life; the way the rich and powerful ignore the needs of the powerless; the way the small person is crushed; the way powerful nations oppress smaller vulnerable ones – yes, Israel, I am talking about you and your oppression of the Palestinian people. It feels wrong to detach oneself and stop up my ears to it. I must stay engaged, and if possible, speak out when I can.
All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.          Edmund Burke
So there you have it – that’s how I am. Today, I am taking my laptop to Adrian at 121 IT services to find out why it keeps crashing; then I am having my hair cut, and then I am seeing my grandsons for a Lego update, and to hear my older grandson sing Skyfall, that he is practising for his talent contest at school. That should cheer me up.

Tomorrow it is back to tweaking the text of Plotting for Grown-ups, which will also be fun.


Jean said...

Sue, re your sinus problem , have a look at this:

Julie is my sister , she had this new procedure about two years ago and, after really suffering with sinus problems for a long time, this treatment worked straight away and it has not returned, may be worth enquiring about.

Sue Hepworth said...

Thanks, Jean. That's very kind of you. I will check it out.