Sunday, December 16, 2012

Beavering away

I should be writing my Christmas cards, but instead I am rewriting Chapter 1 of PLOTTING FOR GROWN-UPS. Yes, Chapter 1 – AGAIN. I hate the first chapters of books – they are a beast to write. The tweaks to the rest of the book are more or less done (I won’t say “perfect” because Jane hasn’t okayed it yet.)

Sadly, the rewrite has necessitated cutting one of my favourite bits:

“…I started to cry silent tears, and was furious with myself for doing it. I delved frantically in my coat pocket for a hanky and couldn’t find one, and used my hands to wipe away my tears, and then looked up to see him offering me a red silk handkerchief. I grabbed it and used it and thought – Hah! I’ll get snot on his swanky hanky. That’ll teach him.”

I hope you’re going to find time in your busy days to enter my Christmas Quiz competition. Just scroll down the blog and you’ll find it.

Good Luck!

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