Monday, December 24, 2012

Happy Christmas!

Dear faithful readers, if you have enjoyed reading my blog this year, I’d be honoured if you would make a donation to Save the Children. This is their home page, from which you can follow a link to donate to their worldwide work, and this is a link if you want to donate specifically to their Gaza appeal.

I hope that whatever you’re doing this coming week, there will be things to enjoy and be thankful for. I am thankful that this ON Christmas has so far been lovely, and Dave (the one who likes OFF Christmases) has behaved impeccably.

I hate OFF Christmases, but I try to behave with restraint, and sometimes some good comes out of them. Last year (when Christmas was OFF) I had a bad cold and sat in my study (where the tree and all the decorations were corralled) and read PLOTTING FOR BEGINNERS to cheer myself up. And it worked. So I emailed Jane and asked her if she was ready to write the sequel – PLOTTING FOR GROWN-UPS – and she said “Yes!” which meant I had a really fun year.

I have been revising the text for the last three weeks following our editorial meeting at the beginning of the month, and have just now emailed Jane the finished article so she can read it over Christmas (her idea!) So there is a nice kind of symmetry about the whole endeavour, book-ended as it is by OFF and ON Christmases.

And if you still have no idea what ON and OFF Christmases are, you need to get up to speed and read Plotting for Beginners, or even this.

sue chef

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