Thursday, December 13, 2012

Ta-ran-ta-ra! Grand Sue Hepworth Blog Christmas Quiz 2012

This is how much I care about you guys (I was going to say Guys and Gals, because my brother Pete seems to think that Guys only refers to men, but maybe the Jimmy Savile revelations mean we can never use the Guys and Gals expression again….) anyway…

…this is how much I care about you. I have been lying in bed working out the Christmas quiz in my head since 4 a.m. when i came back to bed after a trip to the loo.

In past years, I have asked you the function of a mystery object, 2008, and 2009, to interpret a birthday card in 2010, and to interpret a mystery photo in 2011. This year it’s a quiz.

Grand Sue Hepworth Blog Christmas Quiz  2012 (with modest prize)

You can find the answers to all but one of the ten questions somewhere on my blog. You get a point for every correct fact offered. For some questions there are multiple points available. The person with the most points wins (dur.) Closing date: 4 p.m. GMT on The Winter Solstice (December 21st) Family members may not enter, nor may people mentioned in the questions.

The prize is any one of my books posted to any address in the world. Whoop-di-doo – you’re going to have to have a go now, aren’t you?

1. What are the names of my four grandchildren?

2. What is the identity of the Little Red Hen? And what do you know about him/her?

3. What is the name of the person responsible for the landscaping work on our garden, done in the last 18 months?

4. Who is AH? What does AH stand for, and what do you know about him/her?

5. What is my familial relationship to “the family member who declines to be named”?

6. Where was my mother born?

7. List my hobbies. (Drinking Yorkshire tea does not count.)

8. Who is “Jane”?

9. Which of my heroines really, really likes Jon Snow?

10. Which professor said the following of BUT I TOLD YOU LAST YEAR THAT I LOVED YOU ?  “it…presents Asperger's as a normal, if idiosyncratic, part of everyday life that elicits frustration, comedy and tenderness all at the same time. Hepworth's achievement in making the condition both distinctive and unspectacular, and weaving this into a narrative of romantic and family life, displays a genuinely subtle understanding of how autism - this most contemporary of conditions – works.”

In the past, I asked you to put answers in the Comments section, but it won’t work this year, as you’d be giving away points to everyone else, so you’d better send them to me direct. Decode the following for my Christmas Quiz address: suedothepworthatgmaildotcom (Please send me only one message and include your choice of book and the address to send it to, in case you win.)

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