Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Cabin fever

I am trying to stay cheerful.

Dave is trying to stay cheerful.

We are trying to stay cheerful.

The truth is – we have cabin fever. He wants to go out on his bike and he can’t. I want to drive to my sax lesson and can’t. I have a day trip train ticket to London for tomorrow and no idea if I’ll be able to get to the station, let alone London, get home again, etc, etc, etc. 

The days are filled with long, long tramps through the snow so our bodies don’t atrophy at home.Yesterday even Hassop Station Cafe was closed on account of the snowy roads, so we walked in the other direction.


I am also playing my sax a lot. Since I heard that flashmob singing and playing Here Comes the Sun so beautifully, I’ve been trying to nail it myself.

My Fair Isle hoodie is almost finished. I had to design the hood myself, having no pattern, and the first attempt was a failure, but this second try is working well and I should be sewing the whole thing up this afternoon. Yay!

Meanwhile, Dave has been keeping himself occupied with baking batch after batch of oatcakes, blogging, and yesterday he went down the Monsal Trail to Bakewell in search of fresh fruit, on his scooter. Yep, his scooter. He is totally nuts. But also rather wonderful.


When the sun comes out, the landscape looks pretty.


But we still wish the snow would melt.

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