Wednesday, February 27, 2013

One of our characters has won an Oscar!

I don’t spend a lot of time describing the physical appearance of the characters in my books, partly because I want readers to imagine the characters for themselves, and partly because I think that what someone says and how they say it is much more interesting than the colour of their eyes. Having said that, I do need to have a clear picture in my mind when a completely new character appears on the page. So for the last two novels, I’ve tried to find a photo in the press or on the net to represent such a character in my mind’s eye.

Here is Christopher Waltz:


I found him last spring, having spotted him on a film poster at the Sheffield Showroom. To me, he is Kit in PLOTTING FOR GROWN-UPS. Yummy, or what?

Well, there he has been for the the last year, in the pages of my imagination,  doing all the things he does in PLOTTING FOR GROWN-UPS, alive and irresistible, and now he’s gone and won an Oscar for best supporting actor.

Do you think it’s an omen?


Anonymous said...

He definitely gives Daniel Craig a run for his money.

Anonymous said...

It's his second Oscar too!