Wednesday, February 06, 2013

This and that and not very much

I don’t stop thinking about you when I’m not here. If I’m not posting, it’s because I’m too busy, or too busy with things I can’t tell you about, or because I have nothing to say.

I am at present busy with a list of various book-ish/ publisher/writer-y jobs that are confidential, and also tedious, so there’s no blog fodder there.

The thing I can tell you is that Jane and I are wrestling with the blurb for PLOTTING FOR GROWN-UPS and we’ve been tossing various versions back and forth for several days. Finally, today, I have created a new Word file called Blurb Factory so we have a dedicated working document rather than disparate unmanageable emails littering our inboxes. Maybe this will bring some clarity. Usually clarity is not a problem, but we’ve both been undisciplined lately (for different reasons.)

The other thing to say is that I have been tweeting a lot, and also thinking it’s time to write a post called “Twitter for the Baffled Beginner.” But it takes time to get my thoughts in order on the matter, and I AM SO BUSY!

I should also be writing a submission for our Quaker newsletter on the topic “Financial decisions are the most morally crucial decisions that human beings make.” This feels like an A level philosophy question and horrendously difficult, and every time I sit down and think about it, I just get a stream of ill-disciplined thoughts on the topic. Ill-discipline seems to be the leitmotif running through my intellectual life at the moment. Is this because of the fragmentation of my brain due to too much tweeting and playing drawn out games of Scrabble on the internet which involves checking once an hour to see if the Aging Hippie or my other friend have had their turns? Probably.

A propos of nothing, here are links to my two favourite blogs  - The Scent of Water, and Viva Hodie.

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