Monday, April 08, 2013

On the nature of blogs

We have several substantial problems at Hepworth Towers and there’s not a one I can tell you about.

Some people have said that when they read my blog they feel as though they are intruding, as if they are voyeurs. But you don’t need to feel like that. I share what I want to share. Often I share my own problems. But naturally, there are some I wouldn’t share, and nor do I want to share problems of other family members.

There is a woman in New Zealand who writes a daily blog about her everyday family life. I am gripped by it. (You might well not be.) She doesn’t say much, and a lot of it is minutiae. The blog posts are very short. She used to have a sentence at the side of the blog saying she was devoted to the beauty of the quotidian. I am too. But it is her style which makes a gem out of matters which in others hands would be nothing but the dullest dross. Also, she always has an eye on the sublime, the numinous, the meaning of life, the way to live. She often has interesting quotes on there.

At the moment I am reading her blog everyday. Sometimes I only read it occasionally -  in the middle of the night when I can’t sleep. Whatever she is feeling – depressed, sad, defeated, happy, joyous, amused - it is a delight to tune in. I realised recently why this is. She opens her heart, and in doing so, touches other people. I have never met her, I don’t know her. But the common thread of our humanity and the human condition – particularly the condition of women who are at home, and whose lives centre around their families,   and the desire to make her life count -   that is what links me to her.

Follow this link to see her blog – The Scent of Water.

This is me ten days ago, in happier times, soaking up the sun in Gold Rush country.

sue in jamestown


Anonymous said...

I found your blog and books from that blog ... Both are on my favourites list along with Dave's...sorry he's quitting. Hope he changes his mind...

Anonymous said...

Yes, it is so sad to find that Dave is stopping from doing his blog. If people have been getting at him for his honesty and what he portrays, he ought to take no notice and carry on. People will always have their own view and opinions. Besides, blogs are personal reflections and thoughts from the writer and not written to please an audience. We found Dave's blogs to be funny, educational and informative. Tell him to start again.

We enjoy your blog too and your pictures are fab.

Sue Hepworth said...

Thank you. I have just read out these comments to Dave. He had many others sent to him as well. It is a huge shame he has stopped blogging. I have asked him several times to reconsider, but if you think anyone at all can "Tell" Dave to do something, you haven't got the measure of him.