Thursday, April 04, 2013

Sinusitis and the to-do list

So here I am in bed at 9.15 am. having been awake between 1 and 4 unable to sleep because

  1. I couldn’t breathe
  2. I have jetlag

Dave said as he went out the door to buy another three packets of Kleenex with balsam (because although I asked for one, he always buys more than is on the list) “The nice thing is you don’t have to get up. You can stay in bed till next week, if you like. You don’t have to do anything.”

The three waking hours were not unpleasant apart from the symptoms. Dave was in the other room, so I could sit up and

  1. play Letterpress with isaac and Wendy in San Francisco
  2. catch up on some Neighhbours episodes I missed while I was away
  3. email a guy advertising in the Society of Authors magazine to ask for a quote on converting a book into an ebook
  4. email Isaac with the revised wording for the blurb for the back cover of PLOTTING FOR GROWN-UPS, because although Jane and i spent a week getting it absolutely right before my trip, once we saw it on the cover mock-up we realised it was twice as long as most other blurbs (OMG what were we thinking?)

It isn’t true that I don’t have to do anything.

The publication date for PLOTTING FOR GROWN-UPS is June 3rd and I need to discuss stuff with the printer, proof read it one last time, organise the marketing campaign and the launch and loads of other stuff. I also need to get the text of the first book PLOTTING FOR BEGINNERS ready to be converted into an ebook, as Jane and I now have the rights to that and we’re going to release it very soon. You’ve been through all this with me before, two years ago – this long to-do list of publishing jobs.

So no, I don’t have to get up, but there is a mountain of stuff to do besides wiping my nose and taking the Amoxicillin.

The sun is streaming through the window, and outside, it is melting the waist high piles of snow in the drive. My only sadness is that I am going to have to pull down the blind if I want to see the laptop screen.


That’s not a lot to complain about, is it? We’ve just had the water turned off for the day, because Severn Trent Water are digging up the lane. Meanwhile, outside Jerusalem, Israel has cut off the water supply to ten Palestinian villages. Permanently.


lyn said...

Hope you feel better soon, Sue. As you say, you do have lots to do but it's good that you can take the time to recover from the trip & the sinusitis before you plunge in to all that.

Sue Hepworth said...

Thanks for your good wishes, Lyn.