Friday, May 17, 2013

So green

That day in bed was just the medicine I needed. Yesterday I was back on my feet and attending to yet another revamp of the cover of Plotting for Beginners. OMG! Writing a book with Jane is the easy part – agreeing a cover design with her is virtually impossible.

Later, I had my hair cut in Sheffield (Dave: “And do you have less hair now?”) and then called in to see my English grand children – and their mother, of course.

Every May I’m overwhelmed by the loveliness of the new green leaves. This year, after such a long winter, the colours are even more intense. And I’m drooling. Actually, more than that: I just drove up Shady Lane from Ashford-in-the-Water and I had tears in my eyes at how lovely the countryside looked. I’m really soppy, just like my father.

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Anonymous said...

But a lovely kind of soppy, I think. So many people don't have time or the inclination to notice what's about them...

Chris A