Thursday, June 20, 2013

Jane’s name

Did you spot that Jane’s name is not on the front of PLOTTING FOR GROWN-UPS?

As you know, Jane and I argued about the plot of PLOTTING FOR GROWN-UPS, and then we argued about the cover. Now we’re arguing about the credit. (At times this book could have been re-named the Book of Arguments.) I want Jane's name on the front cover with mine, but guess what? She doesn't want it there.

Jane and me in one of our rare face-to-face editorial meetings -

April 2012 036

I adore working with Jane – it’s huge fun, and she doesn’t let me get away with rubbish. But for the last few years, she has been very busy with romance writing, and she feels she was more of an “assistant” than a co-writer on our project, so she’s insisting on taking less credit and keeping her name inside the cover, as in PLOTTING FOR GROWN-UPS, by Sue Hepworth, in association with Jane Linfoot. OK, Jane – whatever you want.

She will, however, be knocking back prosecco at the launch in September, where she'll happily discuss her new mantra, “Pink is a lifestyle, not a colour.”

Sometimes I worry about that girl. Pink is fine if it’s sharp, for geraniums and the occasional cardi, but Sally Howe and I agree there is far too much pink around these days. And I certainly sympathise with the campaign Pink Stinks.

You see! We can’t even agree on colours: we are both so opinionated these days. We do agree that PLOTTING FOR GROWN-UPS is fun and funny, and a fine follow-up to PLOTTING FOR BEGINNERS, and we hope you’ll enjoy reading it as much as we’ve enjoyed writing it.


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