Friday, July 12, 2013

The garden: current status

Finally, the garden can have some attention.

I’m really delighted - Dave has made me some compost boxes to replace the useless ones we got from the council.


This morning, before it gets too hot, I have to transfer all the rotting stuff into them.

Meanwhile, the blackcurrants are ripening, and soon you’ll be getting another blog post about jam making (don’t yawn.)


I am picking a kilo of strawberries every day, and Dave is eating most of them, which is fine.


And the sweet peas and attendant weeds are doing well.


The OFF Christmas tree (remember?) is starting to recover from the rigours of Hepworth Towers in-out on-off Christmases…


and don’t you just love the way Lady’s Mantle seeds itself in unpromising places?


And we got out the table tennis table. Dave is thrashing me as per usual.


Wishing you a sunny weekend!

Ooh, ooh, ooh….nearly forgot…who’s going to be the first to post a review of Plotting for Grown-ups on Amazon?


I got up early to sort out the compost in the cool of the morning, but then had to waste an hour and a half of precious time, chasing people who are offering illegal downloads of Plotting for Beginners. Amazon are the only ones selling legal copies of my ebooks. What’s more, they’re cheaper than the second rate pirated ones.


Anonymous said...

Great Friday I'm heading towards the weekend with a chuckle! The on-off Christmas is a brilliant idea ... Better than the mish-mash I came up with. In fact, all your compromises are great. And yes, ladies mantle is brilliant at filling nooks and crannies at will...

Have a great weekend.

Chris A

PS still missing Dave's blog ... (Very sad face)

Sue Hepworth said...

intrigued by your "mish-mashes"!
our compromises are often painful and always hard won. but some of them work well.

Liz said...

Suffering from compost box envy!

Sue Hepworth said...

I love my new compost boxes, but so far it has been too hot to fill them up. I am not complaining!