Saturday, August 03, 2013

Real life? Fiction? There’s so often a confusion

From Plotting for Grown-ups, written last year…

I asked Richard again what the woman looks like. “What colour hair does she have?”


“Is she fat or thin?”


"Does she have a weird nose?"


Absolutely hopeless. It’s a good job the woman isn’t a criminal with Richard expected to give an eyewitness account to the police.

From real life at Hepworth Towers last week…

Sue: What does he look like?

Dave: I have no idea.

Sue: You spent four hours with him! What does he look like?

Dave: Really – I haven’t a clue.

Sue: What colour is his hair – is he dark or blond? Is he tall or small? Does he have a fat face? A flat face? You must remember something.

Dave: He has a blue anorak.


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