Thursday, August 29, 2013

Sue Hepworth is a ratbag - again

Sources close to Hepworth Towers say I’ve been grumpy and snappish, lately. This may be true. It’s sometimes hard to judge from the inside whether it’s you that is being irritable or whether other people are being particularly annoying and exasperating.

Whatever, I have been feeling stressed. At the height of tussles with Amazon and worries about the book, I saw an advert for a pot-washer in a local cafe, and it looked like an attractive option. I know, I know – I have no experience of being a PAID pot washer - but what I thought was – Oh, how restful, how undemanding -  a job with no decisions or anxieties. I’d be able to drift off into a quiet reflective reverie.

Junly2010 001

Yesterday afternoon, I filled in a US tax form concerning ebook sales on, and realised with horror that I’ll be contributing to America’s military aid to Israel. But it’s just as bad that my taxes over here are subsidising an arms industry exporting war and terror all over the world. Britain is the second largest exporter of weapons, which makes us complicit in wars all over the globe.

Yes, I know I said this is strictly a non-political blog, but sometimes, sometimes, the news is so awful, I just have to say something. You can be sure that Parliament isn’t listening to me, or any other voter.

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