Saturday, September 14, 2013


I have worn glasses since I was 3. Now I have cataracts, and I have to decide exactly how to have my eyes fixed.

i.e. do I ask the surgeon to give me perfect distance vision and ALWAY have to wear reading glasses to read? Or do I do the opposite?

At the moment I am blind without my contact lenses and yet, in bed, with no contact lenses, I can read without glasses. I can’t imagine reading comfortably in bed with glasses on. Is it possible?

Any thoughts?


Anonymous said...

Depends on how you read in bed, I suppose. As a kid I'd lie on my side and read for ages. You can't do that with glasses on. Nowadays I sit up with lots of pillows behind me, wearing reading glasses and I'm perfectly comfortable, thank you.


Sue Hepworth said...

Ok, so that's how it's done. I suppose I could change from lying on my side with my head on the pillow......