Monday, September 23, 2013

lists, lists, lists

My head contains a continuous list, just like that newsfeed you sometimes see at the bottom of TV screens. As soon as something is crossed off my list, a new item appears.

I was awake at 2 a.m. because the list for today was taking over -

  1. go to Bakewell market
  2. deliver books to Bakewell bookshop
  3. call at Hassop Station on the way back with more publicity flyers
  4. speak to Duncan about the launch
  5. ring the boiler man to come and see why our boiler is making such a horrendous noise
  6. sort out the Builders Centre bill
  7. clean the bathroom
  8. make up beds for family visitors
  9. make bouef bourgignon (spelling?) for tea
  10. welcome visitors
  11. go to Sheffield for my interview on BBC Radio Sheffield
  12. organise tea
  13. choose something to wear for the launch
  14. panic because it needs washing
  15. decide to wear something else

Here is an irrelevant picture which I will see for real in twelve days time – Lux, my granddaughter, scooting in the Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco early on a Sunday morning:


By the way, the paperback of Plotting for Grown-ups is published tomorrow but you can buy it today on Amazon here, or from the Book Depository (with free worldwide postage ) here.

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