Monday, September 02, 2013

Midnight confusion

Well, at least I slept last night. But waking at three to pop to the loo, a list of to-do’s popped into my head and I knew if I ignored them they would have disappeared by this morning. So I emailed them to myself. (As you do.)

When I read the list at seven, the first three items were clear -

  • Ring Di
  • Email Maggie
  • Ring the printer about the bill

But not the fourth -

  • Find the hat and photograph it

Then it came back to me – there was a hat that had something to do with the book and PR for the book, and it was lodged on a pile of bikes in our car port, in danger of being blown away by the wind, and I had to rescue it and…

except that we don’t have a car port, and there is no hat.

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