Thursday, September 19, 2013


You know I said I was flat out?

Well, three days in the Yorkshire Dales set me right – especially the first night, when I slept for ten hours, and that was in a Youth Hostel bunk. I had a room to myself, and this was the view from the window -


I haven’t stayed in a Youth Hostel since I was 15, and forgot you're supposed to take your own towel.

I also forgot how friendly hostellers are. This is very sweet, except for first thing in the morning if you happen to be one of those people who likes to wake up slowly. Breakfast is a shared occasion, and as well as the friendliness, the heartiness was bouncing off the walls of the dining room. OMG.  Apart from that, I give Grinton Lodge Youth Hostel in Swaledale ten out of ten.

You should see the stunning views of Swaledale from the front gate! Not here, though, as I forgot to take a photo.

The hostel is on the moors  and the last day the sun shone and we followed a stream up and up and up.


We got rain at other times, naturally. And there had been enough at the weekend to swell the falls at Aysgarth so the Aging Hippie and husband were suitably impressed.



Other news is that in AH’s search for the perfect scone, she gave one at Berry’s Farm Shop a four star rating, so that scone is neck and neck with one at Haddon Hall down the round from here. I am trying to find one that beats her perfect scone of five stars – eaten in New Zealand. It’s a matter of honour.

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