Friday, September 06, 2013

The trouble with living in the country…

….and hating shopping, is that you can’t be bothered to drive into town for one or two items, so you make do without them, and then when you DO go to Sheffield, you have a huge long list of errands, which includes taking back the T-shirt you bought from Per Una because the last time you were in town it was so wonderfully quiet and devoid of people, that you became euphoric and your fashion tastebuds went awry.

When I got home with said patterned T-shirt two weeks ago and showed it to Dave, he said “I prefer to make no comment.” This did not deter me for an instant as Dave has no fashion tastebuds of any description. But when Zoe (daughter) said it looked dodgy, and my best friend said it was middle-aged, I knew the shirt had to go back.

Here is a photo of the garden, rather than the T-shirt, because one of you may be wearing the same T-shirt and loving it.

aug 07 012

The other problem I have is that Dave also hates to go shopping, so the night before a trip he brings me a list of items he requires, which always involve shops so far out of orbit they require a trip of their own.

Oh well, it’s raining, so there’d be no swanning down to Hassop Station Cafe, no table tennis, no gardening, and no bike riding up the Trail today. And I am going to meet a journalist from the Sheffield Telegraph to talk about Plotting for Grown-ups, so that’s a sweetener.


Anonymous said...

Ooooh, I wish I lived in the country so I had a valid reason to avoid the shops and had somewhere natural to walk (rather than man-made) instead...ho hum! Hope the journalist is friendly...


Sue Hepworth said...

Hi Chris - yes he was friendly - and very easy to talk to. It didn't feel like an interview at all.