Thursday, October 17, 2013

Goodbye, hello

I left San Francisco on Monday and arrived home on Tuesday – a seventeen and a half hour trip from door to door. My shortest time ever.

The Aging Hippie dropped me off at the airport, because it was Lux’s and Cece’s nap time, so Wendy couldn’t take me.


As airports go, San Francisco International Airport is very congenial. The drop–off is easy, the building is attractive, and when you walk in the revolving doors you find spacious halls with high ceilings, often sparsely populated, and with kindly people there to guide and help you.

Having checked in on Monday I nevertheless felt desperate.That two hours wait for the plane is the hardest part of the journey: my heart is still with the family in their sunny San Francisco home. I am bereft.

Once on the plane I am on my way to feeling better, and when I get to Heathrow and am waiting for the flight to Manchester, my heart is back in Derbyshire. I’m looking forward to seeing Dave again, and my garden, and the view from my bedroom window of trees and fields and sky. And oh - the quiet.

Once I am home, I am happy. Even when it rains. And it has. And it will.


Anonymous said...

I echo your thoughts on leaving the U.S.A. and my relatives here, the wait for boarding is always difficult and the longest two hours ever . I fly to Heathrow at 9.30pm this evening, hopefully the whole flight will be shorter than the 42 hours it took coming here!

Sue Hepworth said...

I hope you have a safe and comfortable trip. I recommend the film Safe Haven, if you are flying with B.A.