Sunday, October 20, 2013

Here’s the thing

You may read a lot of books. You may read them really fast, you may get through them like I consume films on a transatlantic flight.

But the author of the latest book you read took months (or more likely) years to write said book. They sweated over the plot. They rewrote the first chapter seven times. What’s more, the characters are their friends. The characters are so real to them that they see them walking down the lane, or maybe the writer even buys groceries for them.

Sometimes authors pine for their characters after the writing is finished and the book is published. Sometimes authors keep imagining their characters in real-life situations.

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So, all that being true, next time you meet an author who knows that you recently bought their new book, please, please, say something about the book to them. It may not be at the forefront of your mind, but it sure as hell is what they are thinking about, when they see you walking towards them on the street.

If you hated the book, say “I read your book. I liked” – and then pick one thing you did like about it, even if it was only the cover. And then if they start to ask you more, have a carefully prepared sentence such as “Hmm, well, you did such and such well, but I really preferred ….[your last one]”

Of course, you may have loved the book, and if that is the case, please put the author out of their misery now!

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