Saturday, December 07, 2013


I’ve been lying in bed trying to choose my small pleasure for today, but every time I think of one, I decide it’s not small, it’s BIG .

e.g.the fact that I have my own room for a study – with a south facing window onto the garden:

Oct 10 045

or the fact that whichever way you turn out of our gate, you can walk for miles in lovely countryside:


or all the beautiful things around the house that Dave has made, for example:

march08 016

sept 2011 051

Let’s face it – there’s so much I have to be thankful for. And these are just things. I haven’t even mentioned people.

So here is the small pleasure for today – breakfast in bed, which I have most days, as Dave is not a breakfast person, which means there’s no-one to eat it with in the kitchen.

Dec08 062


Unknown said...

Just finished Plotting for Grown Ups and thoroughly enjoyed it. What about a mystery set in the Peak District for your next one??? Just a thought.
Your #1 fan

Sue Hepworth said...

Hi Sally! Great to hear from you again! I'm so pleased you enjoyed PfG, and pleased you're still my No.1 Fan. I have a (local) friend who is a crime writer so I will ask her to write a mystery set in the Peak District. I don't think I am up to the plotting required.