Friday, January 10, 2014


Yesterday was a trying day but three small sweet things happened, even so.

I had my first sax lesson of the year and Mel had found me a book of Jazz Solos for the tenor sax that has backing tracks and some lines of blank stave for me to improvise. This is all part of the Sue-learns-to-improvise-on-her-sax-plan. I am so excited! Watch out Corcovado, All the Things you Are and In a Sentimental Mood. I dismissed The Way You Look Tonight because they had pepped it up. Some musicians are weird. The song is slow and romantic – no two ways about it. Watch this clip from Swing Time and tell me otherwise.

The second nice thing was an unexpected letter from an unexpected person.

The third was my arriving at 7.45 at the Bakewell chippie after an exhausting afternoon and evening in Sheffield, and being told by the woman cleaning the counter that they only had one fishcake plus chips left, and they were getting ready to close.  But then the sweet young man (well, young to me) who was mopping the floor, took pity on me and cooked me a fish. And his wife (?) said as I left, “You look very tired. Go home and have your supper and a rest.”

So I did, and Dave had lit the stove. (Fourth nice thing.)

Dec 10 060


Anonymous said...

Hi Sue,

Happy New Year...I love your blog!

That's all for now.

Best wishes,


Sue Hepworth said...

Hi Shafia,
how lovely of you to check in.
Happy New Year to you, too. x