Thursday, February 27, 2014

Have you ever…?

Have you ever…

……Lain awake with a weird pain you’ve never had before for three nights running, searched the net for the reason, self-diagnosed and then gone to the doctor the next day and been right, and given anti-biotics? That’s me.

……Given in to temptation and ordered a blouse from Wrap and when it arrived, loved it to bits – not least because of the colour -  but it is just, just, just, too small, and you keep trying it on and looking at yourself in the mirror but don’t think losing weight would help… and someone hanging around asks what those frills on the shoulder are for, and doesn’t it look as if it used to be sleeveless and has suddenly sprouted sleeves?


…and you decide to so order the bigger size but know in your heart of hearts that when it arrives, it will be too big to look perfect in that style? That’s me.

…..Sat in bed in the morning wondering if you feel robust enough to do the two things booked into your diary – your sax lesson and visiting your sister 50 miles away? That’s me.

…..Worried that the tenses in your latest blog post are all to cock?

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