Saturday, June 28, 2014

Do you want to know what I’ve been doing?

Not writing.

When I signed off for a rest from the blog, I thought I’d be using my blog time to write. But I haven’t been writing at all – apart from my journal.

I’ve been getting the garden fettled, which for the last few years has had seasons of neglect, due to writing, publishing and swanning overseas to see people like this:


and this:


I’ve just been looking for photos of the garden to show you and got really depressed. Before I started publishing, it was beautiful. Still…my new blog header shows it still looks OK from certain angles.

I’ve been doing others things too. I don’t seem to be able to read fiction when I am writing fiction, so I’ve been making the most of my time without writing to catch up.

You’ve no idea all the things I’ve missed (through lack of time/energy) in the last few years when I’ve been publishing – simple things like going to local art exhibitions, and even the village open gardens event – which is today.

Then there’s the patchwork that I half sewed up last year, and then unpicked because it wasn’t working. I’ve finally had time for that. I saw a local artist’s abstract landscapes last month and was inspired to do a different kind of patchwork i.e. not the usual classic geometric type like this one I made for Isaac and Wendy

oct 08 057

I’ve been designing an abstract sunset (double bed size), which has got thus far:

patchwork sunset

Dave doesn’t “get it” but certain key people do (Zoe, Wendy, and the artist who inspired me – oh yes, and Roopa on Twitter) and that’s all the encouragement I need.

And the blog? What’s happening with the blog?

I don’t know. We shall have to see. I’m back today because I have been missing it, and other people have been missing it too. So we’ll see what happens.


Anonymous said...

Great to have you and your blog back.


ana said...

excellent to see you back and bursting with creativity to share. Love the view of your garden

Sue Hepworth said...

Thanks very much Ana!

Anonymous said...

so glad you're back!


Sue Hepworth said...

Thanks, Shafia!