Sunday, August 10, 2014

150,000 people showing their solidarity with Gaza

I hate crowds, but I went on the national demo for Gaza in London yesterday and it was beyond wonderful - a coalition of caring and outraged ordinary people spending their Saturday on a shout to the UK government to stand up for justice and liberty.

Here we are assembling outside the BBC, so they can’t ignore us. It was also a welcome opportunity for some chanting specifically aimed at their biased presentation of the conflict.

Gaza demo outside the BBC

Can you see me?

The march was noisy but peaceful, and there was no trouble of any kind, not a single arrest.

We were there to demand an end to the massacre of Palestinians, a UK arms embargo against Israel, and an end to the siege/blockade of Gaza that has been crushing the life out of Gaza for years. We wanted justice for all Palestinians, wherever they live in the Occupied Territories.

There were a lot of placards with the same slogans, so I tried to snap the ones I liked that had individual messages:








An ordinary placard, but photogenic demonstrators:


This is my favourite:


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Christine said...

This is great. Wish I'd been with you.