Tuesday, August 05, 2014

Hopelessness….can change the world

Peace Vigil 4 8 14 - pic 2

Our small silent peace vigil in Bakewell yesterday was powerful; but this morning I woke up exhausted and hopeless and am still in my pyjamas at 10 a.m. I swore I would not look at the news or the net today (except to check if there’s a ceasefire)  but I was drawn back via a quote about compassion from someone called Andrew Boyd to something else he wrote. It has helped. Maybe it will help you, too. This is an excerpt from his piece Hopelessness can change the world.

You are faced with a stark choice: do you dedicate yourself to an impossible cause? or do you look after your own, making do as best you can?

The choice is clear: You must dedicate yourself to an impossible cause. Why? Because we are all incurable. Because solidarity is a form of tenderness. Because the simple act of caring for the world is itself a victory. Take a stand – not because it will lead to anything, but because it is the right thing to do. We never know what can or can’t be done; only what must be done. Let us do it.

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