Saturday, September 06, 2014

In retreat

The last time I was in Colorado was 11 years ago, and the day after touching down, I woke up with what seemed like the worst hangover I'd ever had. It turned out to be altitude sickness: Denver is a mile high. Today in Boulder I've been feeling not as bad, but certainly delicate, so much so that I've several times retreated from the joys of being with Lux and Cece and gone back to bed.

Also, it's English weather. How dare it be damp, chilly and overcast? I was promised sunshine.

The other news is that I watched The Fault in our Stars on the plane and wondered why they had bothered to adapt the book. I enjoyed the book: I liked the writing and the tone. The film is a poor thing - the screen equivalent of  "a right strawy epistle." 
OK you guys...the first one to tell me who first used that phrase and about what, will get a free copy of Plotting for Grown-ups.


galant said...

Martin Luther, I think.
Margaret P

Sue Hepworth said...

Yes, Margaret, it was Luther. But what was he referring to?